Medela Harmony breast pump



Manual breast pump with 2 phases of expression and a Calma teat.

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41,00 €

The MEDELA harmony breast pump has 2 innovative products: 2-phase expression technology and a Calma pacifier.

2-phase expression reproduces the natural rhythm of the baby's sucking, in order to express more milk in less time. The short movements of stimulation are followed by longer and supported movements, thus ensuring an optimal milk flow. The solution of single power supply designed for breast milk, Calma allows your baby to mark pauses and breathe regularly in order to keep the feed mechanism he learned naturally while breast feeding. An innovative  product designed to preserve the unique link created during breastfeeding.

The Harmony Breastpump breastshield stimulates your breast in a gentle and effective manner. Thanks to its pivoting handle, this pump is ergonomic and lightweight, as it contains fewer parts than traditional breast pumps.

Breastfeeding is what's best for your child. Similarly, the rhythm of your baby's natural sucking is optimal for you. During pioneering work, MEDELA has converted the intuitive knowledge of the baby into technological know-how.

Comes with a nipple shield size M (24 mm).

The natural baby Tip:
To know the size of breastshield adapted to your morphology, measure the diameter of your nipple after feeding your baby for a few minutes.

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