Cooper Insect Ecran Insect Screen Family 200ml


Insect Screen Familiy 200 ml is a mosquito repellent that provides effective protection for the whole family (from 24 months) in outdoor activities of everyday life.

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Effective against all species of mosquitoes it also repels ticks, mites and flies.

It is especially suitable for the whole family as early as 24 months, and even for pregnant or nursing women. Tested under dermatological control.

How To Use

Apply generously to the skin, renewing if necessary every 6 hours, but do not exceed:

- 2 applications per day between 24 months and 12 years
- 3 applications per day from 12 years.

With up to 2 applications per day, this bottle can protect 4 people for 10 days or 2 people for 20 days.

As 40% of mosquito bites are made through clothing, it is recommended to use a cloth impregnation product such as Cooper Insect Screen Clothing in combination with Insect Ecran Family.

Hauteur 19.5cm
Largeur 5cm
Profondeur 5cm
Poids 245g
Pour qui ? adult
Contenance 200ml
Sexe unisex

Pulvériser dans la paume de la main puis étaler sur toute la peau qui n’est pas recouverte par des vêtements.

Principe actif: DEET 25% (25g/100g)

Solution avec vaporisateur sans gaz