Magnien Mousti-Click



Soothes within moments the disagreable sensations of insect bites.

Painless, usable by the whole family.

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6,52 €

Mousti-click reduces inflammation in a few clicks and relieves itching caused by mosquito and inscect bites. Can be used thousands of times. Works without batteries.

Pour qui ? adult

-For best results, use Natalie-Click as soon as possible after the bite of an insect. Therefore always have Natalie-Click at your fingertips.
-Keep the appliance as shown between the index and the middle finger and then apply part tapered on the sting. 
-Press with your thumb on the black button several times, the desired result depends on the number of clicks:
4 to 5 clicks are sufficient to eliminate itching, 
8 to 10 clicks are necessary to prevent the occurrence of inflammation or reduce it. 
-For children and some adults, divide the number of clicks by two. Instead, for people especially sensitive to bites, it is useful to increase including and repeat the operation in time. 

Natalie-Click effect is noticeable a few minutes after use