Cooper Insect Ecran Special Tropical Zones Screen 75ml


Insect Screen Special Tropics is formulated with Icaridine, a repellent that is particularly effective against mosquito bites, known carriers of malaria, dengue and chikungunya. It is suitable to use from 24 months upwards.

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Calculated as 1 bottle for 15 days at the rate of 2 applications per day on hands and face. 

For maximum protection, combine with an Insect Screen Spray for fabric.

Aerosol spray without gas.

How to Use :

Apply liberally to the exposed skin every 8 hours or so:

- 2 applications per day between 24 months and 12 years,
- 3 applications per day from 12 years.

For pregnant women and children 6 to 24 months, it is advisable to use
Insect screen family.

As 40% of mosquito bites are through clothing it is recommended to use a product for impregnation of clothing in combination with Insect screen Special tropics: such as Cooper Insect screen Fabric.


Pour qui ? adult
Sexe unisex

Spray in the Palm of the hand and then spread on any skin that is not covered by clothes.

Active ingredient: Icaridine (KBR3023) 25% (25g / 100g)

Solution with spray without gas