Cooper Pouxit Easy (lice & nits) 100ml


Pouxit Easy Foam No Rinse Anti-Lice and Nits is a gentle product that effectively fights lice & nits without damaging the scalp.

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With its patented Activdiol® based formula, Pouxit Easy acts effectively against lice and nits by dissolving the lipid envelope that allows lice to retain water, which is essential to their survival, thus the louse dies of dehydration.

With its applicator, Pouxit Easy forms a light, non-sticky foam that does not run. It applies easily and quickly spreads throughout the hair. Once dry, it leaves no trace on the hair and does not require rinsing. Children can quickly resume their activities without discomfort.

All Pouxit treatments work in a physical way, lice can not develop any future resistance by specie mutation .

Pour qui ? kids
Sexe unisex
  • Pouxit Easy est sans insecticide à effet neurotoxique sur le pou, ni huile essentielle, ni alcool
  • Pouxit Easy est doux : il ne pénètre pas le cuir chevelu, il peut être utilisé par les enfants dès 6 mois et par les femmes enceintes
  • Pouxit Easy peut être utilisé par les asthmatiques
  • Pouxit Easy est incolore et inodore pour un traitement en toute discrétion

Octane-1, 2-diol; PEG-6 caprylic/capric glycerides; eau