Cooper Pouxit XF (lice & nits) Lotion 100ml


A quick and effective solution to rid the scalp of lice & nits in 15 minutes!

Without neurotoxic insecticide or alcohol. 

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Nits are often responsible for anti-lice treatment failure. It is difficult to treat all the nits and eight days later, slow survivors become new invaders.

A female louse lays up to 10 eggs per day, and this for 3 to 5 weeks is a high risk of contamination.

After years of research, Pouxit have finally found the solution against nits. With its patented and strengthened Penetrol® formula, Pouxit XF is radical in its action against lice and nits and eliminates them 100% in 15 minutes *.

No need for a second application or a full night setting!

A clinical study conducted in 2010 by the Cambridge Medical Entomology Centre proves the effectiveness of Pouxit XF in real situations.

Indeed, after a break of 15 minutes, no lice and no slow living nits survived on any of the subjects participating in the test.

The result of the study is published in the prestigious British magazine BioMed Central in January 2011.

Pouxit XF is still without neurotoxic insecticide or alcohol and is gentle on the scalp.

Bien agiter le flacon avant utilisation
Couvrir les épaules avec une serviette pour éviter de tacher les vêtements
Appliquer suffisamment et uniformement pouxit xf sur le cuir chevelu et les cheveux secs de façons à les recouvrir entierement.
Masser les cheveux afin d'obtenir une imprégnation complète de la chevelure.
Laisser agir le produit 15 minutes
Bien laver les cheveux avec un shampooing en l'appliquant directement sur la chevelure sans la mouiller avec de l'eau.
Rincer et refaire un shampooing. ? ?

dimeticone-1,6, 10-dodecatrien-3-ol,3,7,11-trimethyl-PEG/PPG dimeticone co-polymer, silica silylate