Medela Calma Bottle 250ml



Medela Calma is the unique feeding device for babies who are being breastfed.

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14,16 €

Medela Calma allows them to suck, swallow and breathe, as they naturally do on the breast. With this breat bottle the transfer of breast milk from the breast to bottle and back to breast again is made easy.

• Calma Teat with 250ml bottle
• Enables babies to maintain their natural feeding behaviour as learned on the    breast
• Babies can drink, breathe and pause regularly and naturally.
• Supports easy transition from the breast to bottle and back.

Pour qui ? newborn
Sexe unisex

The bottles for milk and all other products Medela coming into contact with breast milk contain no BPA. Our products are made of polypropylene and there is evidence that they are safe for babies.