Nutrisanté Bio Detoxification Infusion 20 sachets

Nutrisanté Bio detoxification helps detoxify the body by facilitating the elimination of excess water through the urinary tract.

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Put 1 sachet into a cup and pour over simmering water. Let it steep for 3 minutes to allow
the plants to fully release their flavour and up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

1 to 2 cups in the evening after a meal.

Use spring water to ensure the best flavour.

Slimming, relaxation, circulation... enjoy all the benefits on a daily basis from the Nutrisanté range.

Hauteur 11.50cm
Largeur 6.80cm
Profondeur 7.90cm
Poids 54g
Pour qui ? adult
Contenance 20Sachets
Sexe unisex