Puressentiel sense awakening organic ylang ylang ginger essential massage oil 100 ml



Massage oil 100% organic

Product of aromatherapy - essential oils HEBBD (oil essential Botaniquement and Biochimiquement defined)

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• Give a sensual, stimulating feeling, conducive to the awakening of the body and the spirit...

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A massage oil that combines the benefits of essential and vegetal oils.

Delicate olfactory and sensory pleasure, this massage elixir oil highlights all the sensuality of touch. Stimulating essential oils of ylang ylang and Ginger ensures a truly stimulating massage.

Tonic and stimulating ginger virtues associated with the relaxing effect of ylang-ylang arouse the senses.

Sesame vegetal oil with nourishing and softening properties ensures a smooth, relaxing massage that perfectly relaxes the skin.

The massage can be done alone or better, get someone to massage for you!

Hauteur 12.5cm
Largeur 6.5cm
Profondeur 3.5cm
Poids 235g
Pour qui ? Famille
Contenance 100ml

Do not use in children under age 7.

Oil 100% Bio - 100% naturally - do not try

• 2 essential oils
• 0% conservative and paraben
• 100% organic and natural