Inava Medical toothbrush 7/100


 Much more than a toothbrush ... the first STERILISABLE medical toothbrush.

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This ultra-soft brush is indicated in patients with certain lesions of the oral mucosa, in particular in the case of: gingivitis and ulcero-necrotic periodontitis, erratic desquamative lesions, bullous dermatosis, radioactive mucositis or chemo-induced ...

Indeed, in the aforementioned pathologies, the use of a conventional toothbrush, even if it is flexible, is contra-indicated because of the extreme sensitivity of the mucosa.

However, it is essential for these patients to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid infectious complications. Because in some patients, brushing is more than hygiene, it is part of the treatment!

Hauteur 24.5cm
Largeur 4.3cm
Profondeur 1.8cm
Poids 17g
Pour qui ? Famille
Contenance 1brosse

Précautions d'emploi: effectuer un brossage doux selon les recommandations de votre chirurgien-dentiste. La brosse INAVA 7/100 peut être assainie au micro-ondes après utilisation (cf "le mode d'utilisation" dans la page "Une Technicité de Pointe").

Brins 7/100 de diamètre en Tynex. Manche modulable