Cooper Etiaxil anti-perspirant foot lotion (normal skin) 100 ml


Etiaxil is specially designed to regulate the perspiration of the feet, without blocking 
this natural phenomenon. It also prevents the formation of disagreable odours.

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Etiaxil contains an active element, "aluminum chloride hexahydrate in alcohol solution", the latter allowing an optimization of the action of aluminum chloride while providing an antibacterial function. 

This combination also makes it possible to destroy the agents responsible for troublesome odours.

Apply on the feet at the desired frequency, this care acts directly on the sweat glands and regulates their sweating rate.

The glands thus treated, cease to function, while still remaining intact.


Hauteur 13cm
Largeur 4.2cm
Profondeur 4.2cm
Poids 130g
Pour qui ? adult
Contenance 100ml
Sexe unisex