Durex Sensilube (vaginal dryness) 40ml



A fluid lubricant for intimate use, relieves vaginal dryness, ensures lubrication of the mucous membranes.

40 ml lubricant

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Sensilube Durex is a lubricating fluid to compensate for the lack of vaginal secretions:
-at birth,
-due to breast-feeding
-due to an episiotomy
-due to dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse for one of the partners)
-due to vaginitis
-difficulty to insert tapons or the thermometer.
-dryness due to a transient fatigue
-due to menopausal disorders

Treatment with moisturizing and softening properties. Odourless, colourless.

Prior to penetration, simply drop a knob of gel at the entrance of the vaginal or anal orifice, and a little on the condom or penis.

Polyacrylamide, hydroxyethyl cellulose, anhydrous citric acid, phenoxyethanol, parabens, purified water, excipients qsp 100%.

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