Durex Play Gel Sensuel Sensitive 50ML (lubricating Gel)


A water based sensitive and sensual lubricating gel for intime use. 

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Durex Sensitive Lubricant Gel brings surprising comfort.

It is suitable for condom lubrication, lubrication of mucous membranes,
vaginal dryness, during intercourse, non-vaginal intercourse and lubrication of
periodic tampons.

Its ultra-soft water based formula is odourless, colorless and non-greasy.

It is edible and compatible with all condoms (unlike fatty substances such
as oil and petroleum jelly that make latex porous).

Water-soluble and transparent, non irritatingand non spermicidal.

Medical use: exploratory examinations such as the rectal and vaginal area.

How to use :

Before penetration, it is enough to deposit a drop of gel at the entrance
of the anal or vaginal orifice, and a little on the condom or the penis.

Pour qui ? adult
Sexe unisex