Puressentiel gentle heat diffuser


The Puressentiel gentle heat diffuser brings wellness aromatherapy into your home, cleanly, quietly and efficiently, without flame or candle making it ideal and safe for everyday use.  

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Made of insulating ceramic you can put it on any surface because only the top part emits heat.

This diffuser allows for proper dissemination of essential oils without altering their quality and maintaining their properties.

Once plugged in, the timer starts and stops automatically after 58 minutes.

Ten minutes to reach its full power, then its thermal regulation system

( thermostat 45 °C maximum) provides constant temperature without overheating.

Pour qui ? adult
Sexe unisex

1 connect the socket of the diffuser to gentle heat and press cord switch. The timer starts and stops automatically safely after 58 minutes of dissemination. To restart the timer please turn the device back on by pressing the switch again.

2. pour 20 to 25 drops of essential oils or mixture for release Puressentiel ® in the central part of the diffuser and let yourself be carried away by the aromas. The diffuser must be used outside areas exposed to artificial heat (radiator, heater or other) or moisture (water point).

Wipe with a soft damp cloth. Clean after each use for better dissemination. Do not put any element of the diffuser in the dishwasher.

Empty the contents of the central part of the diffuser and clean with a soft damp cloth before replacing essential oils Puressentiel ® or mixtures for release Puressentiel ®.

Not diffuse essential oils in the presence of a child under 7 years without taking the opinion of a health officer. Wait half an hour after the end of the broadcast before placing the child in the room. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Do not use essential oils that streaming is not recommended. Do not use fragrances or essences of summaries that may irretrievably damage the diffuser. Attention to the risk of Burns: the central part of the diffuser becomes very hot.
Please do not touch this surface when handling the appliance in function.

Some essential oils are not recommended in dissemination, ask your pharmacist for advice. Check the precautions for use of each before using streaming.

  • Distorts not essential oils
  • -100% natural