Puressentiel nomad diffuser



To help:

  • Create a pleasant aromatic moment, purifying, soothing, tonic or zen
  • Create a pleasant ense/sensory well being
  • Take full advantage of the benefits of the dissemination of essential oils into the atmosphere.


Sold with 10 support discs for essential oils

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The nomadic diffuser Puressentiel ®, brings you all the well being of aromatherapy wherever you are. Simply add 3-5 drops of Puressentiel ® or mixes for broadcast Puressentiel ® on the disc.
Its very quiet ventilation system allows you to gently broadcast oils and offers you a real moment of relaxation and well-being.
The diffuser is in cyclic mode: 10 min broadcast, 20 min break for 2 h before stopping automatically. According to your desires, it glows in your choice of a soft ambient light, either blue or yellow, or changing colours and also in this case, can serve as a pilot light when turned on. You can also choose to use it without any ambient light. 

Powered by batteries, ideal if you are traveling without power supply or by USB cable, convenient for use with a computer for example, it integrates seamlessly with all your places of life and work (home, office, hotel, medical office, beauty salon, waiting room, gym)
It comes with 10 support discs, allowing you to easily change essential oils and therefore the ambiance.

Batteries not included.

1. Power of the diffuser is by USB cable (included) or AA batteries (not included):
Batteries: remove the battery compartment cover, insert the batteries and replace the cover.
USB cable: remove the batteries, plug the USB cable into the power socket and connect it to a computer turned on.
2. Remove the outer cover.
3. Put the small disc support into its housing at the center of the unit without removing the fan cover and replace the cover.
4. Pour on the disc support 3 to 5 drops of essential oil Puressentiel ® or any mixtures for release Puressentiel ®. Press the switch to start the tool
5. Put the kickstand.
Caution: Do not put batteries if you use the USB cable.


The ON-OFF button on the side of the diffuser allows you to turn on or off the diffuser as well as activate the light atmosphere.
Press the button once:
-The broadcast is enabled.
-Yellow light will illuminate and remain fixed.
-The diffuser is in cyclic mode: 10 min ON and 20 min OFF and runs for 2 hours before stopping automatically.
-Press the button a second time:
-The blue light turns on and remains fixed.
-The broadcaster continues in cyclical mode: 10 min ON and 20 min OFF 2 hours
-in before to stop automatically.
-Press the button a third time:
-The colour of the light alternates smoothly: blue, pink and yellow.
-The broadcaster continues in cyclical mode: 10 min ON and 20 min OFF 2 hours
-in before to stop automatically.
-Press the button a fourth time:
The light turns off.
The diffuser continues in cyclical mode: 10 min ON and 20 min OFF 2 hours before stopping automatically.
-Press the switch once again to turn the unit off.


Each diffuser contains a bag of 10 refills drives media. These bags of 10 refills are also on sale at your pharmacy. These refills enable you to replace the disc in case of change of essential oil or after prolonged use (approximately 20 uses per disc).


Remove the disc using a small pointed object (pen tip), to do this, insert the tip into one of the holes in the disc. Clean the inside of the compartment with a cotton stick. Place a new disk support and pour 3 to 5 drops of essential oil Puressentiel ® or one of the mixes for release Puressentiel ®.

Read these precautions carefully before using the diffuser.
Keep out of reach of children and any person who will not be able to use a device of this type without the supervision of a person responsible and able to ensure a perfect job security. Do not use perfume or essence of synthesis which may irreparably damage the diffuser.
Do not use the appliance if the USB cable is damaged, if the unit encounters failures, or if it is dropped or damaged.
Stop / disconnect the diffuser pour drops of essential oil or blend for release. Not to put too much oil, in the case of surplus immediately wipe them dry with a soft cloth. In the event of abnormal odor or suspicious noise, unplug the appliance immediately.
Do not disassemble or try to repair the unit in case of malfunction, this will void the warranty. Only factory technicians are allowed to unmount it or repair it (see warranty contract). Never place the diffuser in contact with water or immerse it in a liquid.