Puressentiel relaxing/sleep 12 essential bath oils 100 ml



Product of aromatherapy - essential oils HEBBD (oil essential Botaniquement and Biochimiquement defined)

To help:

• Calm tensions
• Promote sleep

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Ideal for at home as a hydrotherapy cure for stress and to relax daily tensions, calm and promote sleep.
Essential oils 100% pure, natural and total. SOAP - free.

Dye, preservative, synthetic perfume, mineral oil, and paraben-free.

Hauteur 13cm
Largeur 4.5cm
Profondeur 4.5cm
Poids 125g
Pour qui ? Famille
Contenance 100ml

Bath, pour 1 to 2 plugs into the tub already filled. Can be used in the shower (1 CAP).

Do not apply on the face and mucous membranes (inseam) - deprecated as a precaution to children of less than 3 years, pregnant or breastfeeding women - keep out of reach of children - do not swallow - external use.

Essential oils 100% pure, natural and total.

Non-foaming - not washing - very gentle to the skin.