Bioderma Sebium Global (acne/blemishes) 30ml


Bioderma Sebum Global

Revolutionary care that eliminates spots and blackheads biologically.

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Sebum Global is a revolutionary dermatological advancement.

  • It enables the skin to naturally regain the right balance of fatty acids by re-creating a sebum very similar to that of healthy skin, thus preventing the physiological process responsible for the formation of spots and blackheads.
  • It acts organically to prevent the causes and consequences of severe imperfections.
  • AHA esters and acid Salicylic-acid citric, recreate healthy skin by eliminating spots and blackheads, while the Zinc gluconate, associated with phosphate, soothes and reduces redness associated with inflammation.                   
Hauteur 12.50cm
Largeur 5.0cm
Profondeur 2.50cm
Poids 55g
Pour qui ? adult
Contenance 30ml
Sexe unisex