Puressentiel organic arnica/wintergreen muscle & effort massage oil 100ml



Massage oil 100% organic to help:

  • Prepare before an effort and helps in sport recovery.
  • Soothes muscular tensions and sensitive joints.

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A massage oil combining the benefits of essential oils and vegetal oils with relaxing, heating properties. The combination of vegetal oils facilitate massage.

Essential oils of Wintergreen, eucalyptus, Juniper, lavender, peppermint and Rosemary are combined with the healing virtues of vegetal oils from arnica, pepper, Queen of meadows and sesame, in order to prevent and relieve muscle tension, sensitive joints and improve adaptability and flexibility of movement. This oil is also ideal for the casual or professional athlete.

-Pre-exercise: in tonic friction before warming up to "warm up" muscle and help avoid the risk of breakdown.
-After the effort: in more deep massages, to relax and detoxify muscles and reduce soreness. THE massage can be done alone or better get massage if you can!

Do not use in children under age 7.

100% of the ingredients are from organic farming.