Arkopharma Phyto Soya 17,5 mg 60 Gelules


Female  45 years +

Dietary supplement for women over 45 years.

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After 9 years of research, Arkopharma Laboratories offer you : PHYTO SOYA® .
PHYTO SOYA® consists of Soy Isoflavones extract including daidzin, combined with PHYTO SOYA®, which consists of a specific, high quality soybean extract, derived from conventional agriculture, not from a GM source (Genetically Modified Organism). Soy extract contained in PHYTO SOYA® clinically demonstrated vis-à -vis SAFETY breast and endometrium.
Clinical study conducted at the dose of 70 mg of isoflavones per day on 395 postmenopausal women followed for 3 years , published in the scientific journal climateric 2010 .

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