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Urgo Discreet is the perfect dressing for small sores on the face or other discreet parts of the body.

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Discreet URGO offers transparent support which makes discreet and aesthetic. It is also a micro-ventilated dressing which allows skin and wounds to breathe, ensuring anti-microbial protection for small wounds through its anticeptic pad. This dressing does not stick to the wound.

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Clean, disinfect, rinse and thoroughly dry the wound and its periphery.
Apply the dressing.
Renew the dressing at least 2 times per day.

URGO discrete, bandage compress antiseptic. This medical device is a product of health regulated that leads to the title of this regulation, the CE marking. Indications: Protection of all superficial wounds. Seek advice from your doctor or your pharmacist and see the instructions on the label before use. Laboratoires URGO. 11/2013

Compress (960 mg/m2) benzalkonium chloride-impregnated.