Saforelle Florgynal probiotic tampons x 22 'Normal'



The only periodic tampon to treat flora during your period by releasing probiotics to restore your vaginal flora.

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More than 2/3 of women suffer from vaginal disorders. The Lactobacilli naturally in the vagina are the main weapon of defense against vaginal infectionss. but sometimes these Lactobacilli are no longer present in sufficient quantity, resulting in an imbalance of flora manifested by vaginal itching, burning, unpleasant odours.

To is possible to avoid these vaginal disorders, by using Probiotics to rebalance flora.
Florgynal probiotic tampon is the only probiotic to provide local action through a periodic tampon. No more need for capsules, or probiotics ova, it is treated during your period without requiring you to think!

2 benefits for the price of 1! Florgynal buffer probiotic brings you the effectiveness
of probiotics while replacing the narmal tampons you buy.

Florgynal buffer probiotic is used as a usual periodic buffer at the time of the rules at the rate of at least 3 pads Florgynal per day for 3 months.

Buffer: 100% viscose non treated with chlorine.
Cord: 100% cotton.
Outer layer: 100% polypropylene.