Urgo Fungal Prevention spray 150ml


Urgo Fungal prevention spray is a solution which cleans and protects the nail fungus, and prevents the recurrence of athlete's foot.

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Urgo Fungal Prevention is the only solution with a 3-in- 1 action:

1- Anti- fungal : removes 99.99 % of fungi
2- Anti -perspirant : drys out and durably regulates perspiration
3- Deodorant : refreshes and neutralizes odours thanks to its menthol scent

Pour qui ? adult

Spray directly on the soles of the feet and between your toes.
Spray inside shoes (hold canistor downwards).
Allow to dry.
Apply once a day on the feet and in shoes, preferably in the evening, and after each contact with potentially
contaminated floors (swimming pools, collective showers and locker rooms...)

Precautions for use:

Do not swallow.
Do not mix with other products.
External use only.
Do not apply on injured skin, wounds or mucous membranes.
In the case of ingestion, contact the nearest poison control centre.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keeps 3 years in its original packaging unopened at room temperature.
Do not re-use the empty packaging.
Do not discard the pure product into the environment.
Use biocides with caution.
Before use, read the information on the bottle.

Ethanol, myristalkonium, water, chloride chlorhexidine Digluconate.