Urgo filmogel cracked hands 3.25 ml


URGO Cracked Hands is a ready to use liquid dressing for all sizes of cracks and all locations, to appease, close and heal them .


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Localized application of the product on the crack allows, in contact with the air, to form a flexible transparent protective film.

This film protects the crack from external aggressions , prevents the re-opening the rift , relieving pain and promoting healing . This innovative product ist water resistant. 

Remove and spread the filmogel ® using the spatula to fill cracks on the hands evenly.

Let dry for a few seconds .

Proceed in the Same Way for all the other cracks .

Renew the application  up to 2-3 times a day until fully healed .

Close after- use.


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Remove and spread the filmogel ® using the spatula special hands to fill to evenly cover the crevasse regardless of its location and its surface.
Let dry for a few seconds.
Proceed in the same way for other crevices.
Renew the application 2-3 times a day until healing is complete.
Close after use.

Isopropanol, Nitrocellulose, Hyrdroxypropylcellulose, wheat germ oil, Castor, Ethanol, ethyl Acetate.