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Unit first aid essential to any pharmacy family, essential in all kits emergency, ASPIVENIN ® is a pump which sucks the venom in the case of venomous bites.

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ASPIVENIN ® is a 1st aid gesture but does not override mandatory and immediate medical service remaining indispensable consultation in the most serious cases (bites, stings of scorpions) or in the case of important reaction of the victim.

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Whatever the type of bites or venomous stings, it is important to keep calm; the excitement accelerates the diffusion of the blood in the blood and can make inefficient use of the Aspivenin. In the case of bite of insects (mosquitoes, wasps, bees...) or spiders, use the large tip, with the exception of flat surfaces such as knee (small cap). In the case of bite of snakes or sting of bright, prevent relief immediately. Place the small nozzle. In case of sting or bite on your fingers, use the small tip by setting the wider end on the pump.

1 enter Aspivenin. 2. pull the piston to bottom (half for children). 3. apply the suction cup on the skin, the wound. 4. push the piston to bottom without releasing before the end of the race. 5. let suck the venom the time indicated for each animal. 6. Remove Aspivenin at an angle to create a flow of air into the mouthpiece, then clean the wound with an antiseptic. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Aspivenin allows to extract the venom from a wound but does not replace the rapid consultation of a physician in case of necessity. In case of allergic reactions, Aspivenin does not prevent the appearance of angioedema. Do not apply Aspivenin on mucous membranes, eyelids and genitals. For a gain of time and efficiency, we recommend to read the instructions carefully and try Aspivenin before use.

1 pump and 4 tips (large and small)