Urgo heating belt refills x 4


Urgo Heating Belt Re-fills are adapted for the Urgo Heating Belt, an ultra-ergonomic and rechargeable heating belt that effectively relieves pain in the lower back during 8 hours non-stop.


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  • The benefits

Ultra-ergonomic and adjustable, the Urgo heating belt fits perfectly to the back. Its soft and stretchy support allows you to move freely. The belt is washable and re-usable. 

  • A source of well-being and comfort

Heat therapy is a natural method traditionally used in rheumatology to relieve pain such as muscle and joint tension. The heat allows a better oxygenation of the muscles and better elimination of toxins responsible for back pain.

  • Optimal and targeted heat distribution

From the contact with air, the components used in Urgo Warming belt (charcoal and iron powder)  constantly soothe and relax the back muscles. Used directly, this heating belt,with 4  refills broadcast their heat in depth for an optimized well-being.

 The Urgo heating belt  is indicated for low back pain and muscle pain (back pain, muscle tension).


Open bags of refills by hand (do not use scissors) and then place them in the two compartments of the belt provided for this purpose. Be sure to place on the side of the bag printed body side and not on the side of net. In contact with air, the heat process fires and recharges gradually reaching  their optimal temperature. Then place the heating belt around the bottom of your back in a way that pockets remain out of the way. Adjust the belt by positioning the velcro to your size, do not overtighten. Do not use more than 8 hours per 24-hour period on the same area. Discard the recharge after use and keep the belt.

As any source of heat, the Urgo heating belt  can cause burns, even at low temperatures. It is imperative to follow these instructions.


Open refill bags by hand and then place them in the 2 compartments of the belt.

In contact with air, the heat process is triggered immediately and recharges gradually reach their optimal temperature.

Place the belt on the bottom of the back and adjust with the scratch to your waist loosely.

Do not apply more than 8 h on the same area.

Discard the recharge after use and keep the belt.

Each refill is disposable.

Activated charcoal and iron powder