Urgo Stop nail biting 9ml



URGO STOP nail-biting is a very bitter invisible varnish indicated for chewed and damaged nails.

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URGO STOP nail biting combines two actions:

-It prevents nail biting and thumb sucking through the bitterness of its formula.  Thus it allows to nails to grow longer and stronger.

-It regenerates and strengthens the structure of the nail through its restructuring    vitamin E action.

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The bitter varnish is used like a traditional varnish. It is applied daily to clean, dry nails. Before application, wipe the brush on the bottle lip to remove the surplus varnish. The brush is then used to cover quickly the entire nail surface. A thin layer of varnish is sufficient. Renew operation if the nail is not completely covered on the first application.

The varnish is completely invisible when dry.

For optimal effect, proceed with the application of varnish once a day, the morning after showering.

URGO STOP for bitten nails can also be used as long as necessary, to regain a healthy and reinforced fingernail.

URGO STOP for bitten nails can be removed with a conventional remover.


Shake before use.

Close tightly after use.

For normal application to the nail.

Do not swallow.

Avoid any risk of contact with eyes during application.

Keep away from flames or spark source.

Do not smoke during application and until completely dry or near the open bottle.

Keep out of reach of children.

From 3 years.

Alcohol, Aqua, ethyl acetate, Denatonium benzoate, Ethylcellulose, comunis Ricinius seed oil, Hydroxypropyl chitosan, Tocopheryl acetate.

This product is a medical device. For more information ask your doctor or your pharmacist and see the package leaflet before use.