Evoluplus Spraymer Hypertonic decongestant 100ml


Hypertonic nasal spray containing 100% seawater.

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The ORL (nose and ear) system is the first bulwark of the immune system. It is through the nose and mouth that infectious agents arise most often in the human body. Hygiene of these pathways is fundamental. Blocked noses open up, with SPRAYMER ® Hypertonic. Thanks to its patented proprietary process, this hypertonic nasal spray containing 100% sea water releases and decongests the nasal cavity without damaging it by its double-acting mechanical and osmotic action.

Spraymer ® Hypertonic is a nasal decongestant of 100% natural origin, non-aggressive and respectful of the nasal cavity Ph.

Spraymer ® Hypertonic is indicated in cases of a congested nose. Its dual action, mechanical micro-diffusion and osmotic contributes to the reduction of nasal obstruction and promotes nasal breathing.

The CO2 intake in its sea water content meets the balance of the nasal cavity by lowering the pH of the solution to its physiological value of 6.2-6.4. It also gives Spraymer ® Hypertonic all its antiseptic properties.

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Sea 100%, CO2 qsp physiological pH water, inert propellant gas: nitrogen.