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Clearblue DIGITAL with Estimated Age of Pregnancy - The first test that also tells you how many weeks since the conception began. 

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Clearblue DIGITAL Pregnancy Test with Estimated Age of Pregnancy gives you a double result with more information. Its dual intelligent sensor (Smart Dual SensorTM) tellsyou whether you are pregnant or not and, in the first case, how long you have been pregnant.

Its digital display avoids having to interpret strips of color and gives you a result of
unequaled precision in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Clearblue DIGITAL pregnancy test with an estimate of the age of pregnancy:

Offers a reliability of more than 99% from the presumed date of delayed menstrual period;

Is the first market test to estimate the age of pregnancy in weeks.

Presents a clear result;

Sensitivity allows for early detection (up to four days before the expected date of
onset of menstruation). In clinical trials of early pregnancy specimens, Clearblue
was likely to detect 1 pregnancy out of 2
If you do the test before the presumed date of your period and you get the result
"Not pregnant," however, you may be pregnant, as the hormone level is not high enough for the test to detect.

Repeat the test on the presumed date of your period.

Is easy to use (an hourglass is displayed to indicate the correct operation of the test).
Results interpretation
The estimate of the age of pregnancy is reliable at 92% on average (read the leaflet carefully).

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