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MyTest Tetanus is an immunochromatographic test Rapid for the detection of anti-tetanus toxin antibodies in the blood. In case Of a negative result, a simple vaccination against tetanus will be enough to establish protection.

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TETANOS is a serious disease, resulting in prolonged hospitalization with health lesions, And can lead to death. This infectious disease is due to the exotoxin produced by Clostridium tetani. This bacillus (baguette-shaped bacterium) is present occasionally in the digestive tract of animals and persists in animal droppings and soil in sporulated form.

Very resistant. It enters the body on the occasion of a wound. The tetanus toxin then blocks the release of neurotransmitters, and leads to contractures and muscle spasms.

Vaccination is the only means of prevention, since no immunity is conferred by the disease. Immunoprotection is evaluated by measuring the level of anti-tetanus antibodies.

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