Mam teats X-flow (thick liquids) x 2

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Tétines débit X Liquides Epais-  2 tétines MAM

Easy transition from breast to bottle

The patented teat MAM Seidensauger ®, smooth as silk surface and soft touch is instinctively adopted by babies - very familiar to a real nipple.

Supporting evidence: 94% of babies accept the teat MAM Seidensauger ® *.
(* Market study 2008-2010 based on a test with 995 babies)

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  • From 6 + months 
  • Suitable for drinking porridge or similar consitency.
  • Symmetrical - still well placed in the baby's mouth


MAM 2 teats X flow thick liquids has been developed with the world's medical and scientific experts to meet at best the needs of baby.

Thanks to the Silk teat, whose soft, flexible surface is like a mother's nipple, baby
accepts without problems and instinctively the bottle. Baby feeds in total comfort.

0% BPA.

Read the instructions for use.