Urgo Govital magnesium vitamin B6 45 tablets


Govital Magnesium Vitamin B6 45 Tablets is an excellent  supplement for those people suffering from a magnesium or vitamin B6 deficiency, often the cause of physical and mental tiredness.


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Magnesium or vitmain B6 deficiency can be the source of problems such as stress, nervousness, irritability, fatique, sleeping problems, concentration problems and muscle cramps...

Govital Magnesium Vitamin B6 is a nervous and muscular regulator, simple to use;

Taking  just one tablet a day ensures  the ideal daily dose of vitamin B6 and Magnesium that your body needs.

Take 1 tablet per day with a large glass of water, swallow whole.

Indication : Cases of physical and mental tiredness, magnesium deficiency and vitamin B6. 

Oxyde de Magnésium, Agent de Charge, Sorbitol, Amidon de Maïs (Sulfites); Anti-Agglomérant : Stéarate de Magnésium,


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Take 1 tablet per day to swallow without crunch with a large glass of water

Magnesium oxide, Agent, Sorbitol, corn starch (sulphites); Anti-caking agent: Magnesium Stearate, vitamin B6.